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Competition Program Planner.

Release 2012.00 for the 2011-12 season is available on the Downloads page.

The Program Planner offers skaters and coaches tools to aid planning a program, and then training that program to maximize the effectiveness of training time and to monitor competition performance.  The Program Planner includes the following tools:

Level CalculatorTM - A tool to determine the level of elements from descriptions of the elements. All level-based element types in singles, pairs and dance are supported.

Create a Program - A complete annotation and scoring tool for setting programs, comparing content, scoring programs and saving results.

Program Component Check Tool - Allows estimating Program Component scores from skill level in the component criteria.

Scoring Analysis - Provides tabular and graphical trending analysis of programs using scoring of practice run-throughs or competition results.

SkatePedia - A series of tutorial topics about the International Judging System and creating programs for competition.

Reports and graphs can all be saved as files or printed for a hard-copy record of skater performance.

Coaches can easily manage multiple students in the same or different events.

The Program Planner is licensed on a seasonal basis (July 1 through June 30 the following year).  There is no charge for upgrades and technical support during any one season.

The Program Planner runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  For a full description, download the User Guide.

A hardware key (dongle) is used for copy protection.  Users may choose from a USB key or a Parallel Port key.  The software may be installed on any number of computers, but will only run on the computer to which the hardware key is attached.  The Parallel Port key is available for users with older computers that do not have a USB port but do have a 25-pin printer port.  Use of the Parallel Port key in not recommended if your computer has a USB port. 

Do not lose the hardware key!  It will not be replaced if lost or stolen!

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New users can order the Competition Program Planner from Skatesoft for $79 plus $5 shipping using the following button.

Users of any previous version can order an upgrade to Version 2011 from Skatesoft for $24.00 using the following button.  You must have the hardware key from the previous version to use the upgrade.

When you order an upgrade you will need to provide a shipping address, and the serial number of your current key, to confirm your current registration.  The upgrade itself will be handled electronically.  If your e-mail has changed or if you never registered your software please provide your e-mail address when you order.  Payment is processed by PayPal.  We do not retain any information related to your PayPal account or the credit card used in this secure transaction.

How do I upgrade?

Important Notices:

Release 2012.00

Release for 2011/12 rules.

Release 2011.01a

Corrects omission of some documentation files from release 2011.01

Release 2011.01

Release for 2010/11 rules.

Release 2010.01

Release for 2009/10 rules.

Release 2009.02

Release 2009.01

Release for 2008/09 rules.  Includes all rules changes from the 2008 ISU Congress.

Release 2008.01

Release 2008.00

Initial release for 2007/08 rules.

Release 2007.03

Third release for 2006/07 rules.

Release 2006.02

Second release for 2006/07 rules.

Release 2006.01

Initial release for 2006/07 rules

Release 2005.07

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